Gord’s favourite Vancouver viewpoints

False Creek 2009

Vancouver at Night, the Burrard Bridge from Granville Island 2009


Vancouver is a great place for photography, but it’s sometimes hard for tourists (or locals) to find the best viewpoints.  The following three photos show my favourite ones.
Like most cities, Vancouver is best photographed early in the morning during sunrise, in the evening around sunset (or in the golden hour),  or at night with a tripod. The second most spectacular scenes are when the sun comes out after a heavy rain — the air is so clear. The most spectacular in after a fresh snow on the mountains.


Most of these viewpoints are accessible by car, some with a two minute easy walk. A good rule of thumb — arrive at the viewpoint at least 40 minutes ahead of time to be able to get the best spot, breathe in the atmosphere, be really ready for when the right light comes — often you only have it for a few fleeting moments.


Gord's Favourite Vancouver Viewpoints (1 through 8)


Gord's Favourite Vancouver Viewpoints (9 through 16)


Gord's Favourite Vancouver Viewpoints (17 through 24)


Our BGC photo club went to the Inukshuk sculpture at English Bay, a couple miles from the office. We spent a couple hours as the sun set near the solstice. What a busy place -- just being there was most of the fun.

The Inukshuk at Sunset Beach, Vancouver 2016