BASc Thesis 1987 – Fraser delta submarine landslides

Fraser Titan Dredge 2012

The Fraser Titan — a dredge, working at the mouth of the Fraser River near Vancouver BC. August 2012



The late John Luternauer of the Geological Survey of Canada took me under his wing when I was looking for a topic for my undergraduate thesis for the geological engineering program at UBC. He had copies of about 100 bathymetic blueprints with dredging surveys at the mouth of the Fraser River, near Vancouver, BC (Canada), and word from the crews that occassionally there were massive slumps at the mouth of the river, near the Sand Heads lighthouse, about 10km offshore. We analyzed the changes in depths and found five significant submarine landslides, and worked to try to explain the mechanisms and triggers.

Fraser River Submarine Canyon 1985

Side scan sonar of the Fraser River delta Canyon (main arm)

My colleages often suggest I’m tempting fate, as I live on the Fraser River delta, about 17km east of these landslides, and I’m only 270m from the nearest dyke. A geologist living below sea level on a river that likes to flood and a loose sandy delta deposit prone to liquefaction in earthquakes. But we love living in Ladner this past 12 years, and we’re hoping to stay at least another 10 years before moving to higher ground.


Sandheads Lighthouse c1985

Sand Heads Lighthouse at the mouth of the Fraser River. c1985




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Ladner fields 2008

Ladner is a suburb of Vancouver on the Fraser Delta.